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Back up and then back up again

Well I’ve finally caught up with the backing up backlog.  I never thought I would.  (I owe Eldest an eternal debt of gratitude for his advice about USB2 thingies).  As a result, I now have two external hard drives which are almost completely full of photos and there is a strong temptation to clear one of them out and start filling it up with new photos.  But I mustn’t do that.  The whole point of backing up is that you end up with two copies of everything not one.  One is an archive and the other is, well, a back up.

This means I need two more hard drives, one to work on and one to back up to.

So I went to Reading and while I was there I looked yearningly at a pair of VERY expensive trousers from East which is a shop I love but where I rarely spend any money.  (cos it’s so VERY expensive).  Instead I bought a new dog bed, some flea killing stuff, and some other random bits and pieces.  But not from East.

Then I went and looked at the VERY expensive trousers again and then I had a sausage roll and a coffee.

This is all good because the trousers would have cost nearly as much as a hard drive.  And now, my complete back up of all those photos is safely packed away in it’s Maxtor box (another debt of gratitude I owe to eldest who trained me to keep all his computer purchase boxes and whose example I followed.  Though this was helped by the fact that I really hate to throw out a good box).  And the new hard drive seems to be working well and this has emboldened me to go and buy another one so that for once, I will have bought all the things I need in order to do something properly.  I have a tendency not to do that but to get half of what I need or buy the smaller size just in case I am wrong about needing to spend so much money.  It’s odd that having spent years (more spending) learning to restrain myself from buying up half the charity shop (even though I know some of the things I get are too small or some such minor difficulty) I’m now having to persuade myself that even though two costs twice as much as one I must buy the whole pair of hard drives !

So all in all, the backing up and the backing up of the backup are proving instructive as well as useful.

Anyway.  We’re having kebabs for dinner.  Jamie (who I’m very fond of after his noble assault on the school dinner system) Oliver has a one major fault as far as I can see.  And it’s not his accent which I’m happy to believe is genuine.  It’s his timings.  I don’t know who actually wrote, tested and/or edited the recipes for Jamie’s Kitchen but I’m pretty sure that when they said “grill for about five minutes, turning regularly” they actually meant “cook for x minutes, turning every five minutes”.  Where x is currently equalling about twenty.  Or else their barbecue is a lot hotter than my grill by several orders of magnitude.  Never mind the kebabs were done eventually and very nice too.  And the marinade was delicious. (Even though Barney used half the amounts of all the ingredients except the lemon of which he used the lot)

Now the dog says he really really does need to go out (cold wet nose under the elbow, pleading eyes, pointed ears and a succession of small mfff! and gwow! noises) so I shall stop and post and let him out.


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  1. Makes me curious about the trousers. LOL

    I’m just as guilty as you on the getting half of what they suggest–though I do save the silly boxes. I have a whole storage room full of ’em..and why they’re still there I have no clue.
    But I have ’em!

    *shaking head*

    BTW–himself always has a quicker bbq than I do. Apparently his is hotter and I’ve no clue why–only that he fans his on occasion (and looks pretty darn silly doing it too, I might add!)

    Comment by Mel | July 16, 2009 | Reply

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