Life, photos but not the universe

Decisions decisions.

You know how you agree to do things weeks, even months in advance, knowing there’s lots of time to prepare for them?

And then suddenly the thing is tomorrow (Only now it’s today and all over bar the counting of pennies) and you havent had a spare minute in all the intervening time when you felt like preparing?  Well I agreed to do a card stall at Youngest’s school fete tomorrow.  I still don’t feel like preparing.  Last night I started making some new cards and first of all, several big drops of sweat rolled off my brow and spoilt three prints, then I noticed that the printer had made all the black and white ones slightly (and unattractively) green and then a storm of little flies and big moths invaded the room and left moth fluff all over everything.  (and the little flies sat on the prints and got stuck)

I don’t think I’ve ever done cards during a heat wave before.  (it is a heat wave isn’t it?  I mean no-one’s been saying so but it seem quite hot to me?)

(Update ~ stall went fairly well.  It paid for itself and gave me a few pennies over. Fetes and fairs are better value than markets.  Though I have to mention that Gorgeous Babe’s other family were there with her and all came and said hello, looked at my cards blankly, smiled politely and didn’t buy any.  But that’s as expected.  Not only are we attached to the *bad* mother but also they’re more the ‘pink flowers with bits of ribbon and fluff stuck on’ kind of card people.  Not that I have anything but admiration for anyone who can do that kind of card and make it look cute and desirable – instead of sad and crumpled as mine would look.)

Later the band had a gig for the twin towns association.  There seemed to be at least quintuplet towns represented and they were all very enthusiastic.  Exhausting but fun.

Meanwhile, the cats caught a bat and left it on the floor downstairs for me and the dog to discover.   We had a bit of a tussle but I won and the little object, curiously like a tiny, soft leather and fur fridge magnet thingie was suitably disposed of.  (I would have liked to have kept it if only it had been made of non-decaying stuff)

I believe if the cats were caught bat-killing, they’d be liable for prosecution so don’t tell anyone.

Today it’s a bit cooler.  Barney will be very happy as he’s been coming home wrung out like a wet rag for most of the week.

Now, shall I go and struggle with cards or shall I go swimming?  there’s the question.  Could I do both?  Ooh! that’s a big question.  What shall we have for dinner tonight?  that’s a small but pertinant question (since it will require shopping to be done).

Well while struggling with decisions I added a new link to my sidebar using wordpress’s rather nifty add link thingie.  Seems to have worked 🙂  So now I can stop visiting the lovely view and being brought up sharp by the realisation that there’s a new view which I need to be visiting instead – one with sweet nothings in it.  And very enjoyable somethings too  : )

I have to say that two several hour long sitting around sessions on Saurday were a bad thing – apart from the card profits and the general entente cordiale in the evening.  I’m not sure in fact if it was the sitting or the humping around of gear and bending over said gear for the packing and unpacking of it but my back is doing an unholy amount of twinging and whingeing and complains sharply whenever I do any hoovering. Oh dear!

Meanwhile, some closer views of Skye.  In the Fairy Glen – aptly named I think.

In Faerie, a thistle

In Faerie, a thistle

By the jetty at Staffin Bay.

Light in the sea

Light in the sea

This whole rock or in fact cliff at Elgol was fascinating.  I didn’t take many photos of the strange and wonderful patterns lower down as everyone else was doing that – you couldn’t move for photographers 🙂 But none of us were up there.

strange rock at Elgol

strange rock

At Elgol again.

Delicate flotsam

Delicate flotsam

And these were taken on the wonderful black and white sands at Talisker Bay.

music of an imperfect sphere

music of an imperfect sphere

carved sand

carved sand

Well I’m on my own for a day or two.  Petrol Head has gone to Devon to look at reed (sadly not in the little car as it doesn’t have a pick-up truck’s back for carrying reed samples) and though I like reed in it’s natural environment, I’m not wild about it in big round bales.  Neither do I get excited about growing conditions, various species and types and qualities of it or even the prices of diferent crops.  Yesterday I left his paying in book at the bank which gave him the chance to look reprovingly at me when they rang him up to tell him.  However, today he went to the dentist and wandered out without paying so that’ll give me the chance to send him a giggly text 🙂  It was very cheap – I think they must have taken the tooth out.

(Update ~ it turns out he thought sticking a crown back on would be free.  He’s a bit old fashioned like that)

Although one of my plans for today has fallen through, I see that we should be getting sunny spells this evening.  So plan B will involve driving off into the sunset and looking for somewhere nice to watch it.  And Oh look!  There’s supposed to be a sunny spell round about now and there it is, just outside the window!

Right!  I’m off.  See you later 🙂


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  1. Hmmmm……reeds in bales might be sorta cool once or twice. Mostly cuz I’ve never had an opportunity to DO reeds in bales. I imagine it’s a bit like bales of hay–and the old ‘when you’ve seen one….’ that folks can find themselves doing.
    So….while the cat’s away–you can play with bats? LOL Oh, just enjoy the solitude while it’s there. Hopefully the back will be improved and you’ll take a trek or two of your own–down the road, around the field and into the woods.
    Oh–but you take such amazingly awesome photos…..

    You’re so right about the once or twice Mel 🙂 So I settled for peace and being off the leash for a while and as it happens, driving around is a good back cure:)
    (Though it turns out Petrol head got to do some stooking of freshly cut reed and that might have made a few nice pics)

    Comment by Mel | July 9, 2009 | Reply

  2. ah, pink ribbon and bad backs, not the necessities of life are they?!

    I love bats.

    Blue sky again today, I love that too.
    Have s good one!

    So so not necessary zIggI! But blue sky is definitely a good thing.
    You too have a good (restful) one 🙂

    Comment by zIggI | July 9, 2009 | Reply

  3. all such beautiful images


    well done for keeing going in the heat – when I used to make and sell things I remember having to get my head around the pink ribbons brigade – but then, whenever one sells to a like minded person it’s very affirming, isn’t it!

    hope B is still enjoying his motor! (whatever the weather


    (That was supposed to be) Thank you dear, dear I.
    Like minded people are the best and affirmation is also good. And hey, I made a profit! (small but quite visible 🙂

    Comment by I, Like The View | July 9, 2009 | Reply

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