Life, photos but not the universe

Taking a break – sort of.

From India.  Seeing as how real life goes on even when you are reliving exotic and unreal memories.

So today I had to take the car in for a service and I thought, I’ll walk home.

This is not a very big deal.  Really.  It’s only about a mile and a half and there’s only one slightly steep hill.  and it was a gorgeously sunny (if windy) day and I need to be thinking about walking up mountains in Skye in the summer.

So now I’m wondering, how on earth does a photographer get fit.  I am quite unable to walk more than about fifteen feet without stopping to consider a leaf or a branch or even a whole treeDSC_6207-1 and now and then a bit of a view.  Sometimes I have to stop and meditate upon these things while rolling a cig and wiggling my feet.  Occasionally I veer off into the woods to see if there’s something wonderful round the next corner or three.  (Which brings up the question, how does a photographer, on a photographing holiday, ever get to anywhere that they planned to go?)

I could go to a gym I suppose and walk up a treadmill for a while.  But this would be so incredibly boring and anyway, it would be a sin to shut yourself into a sweaty hall with a lot of machines while the sun is shining outside and birds are singing and the washing needs hanging out. Too.

Well it took me about  two and a quarter hours to walk the mile and a half.  Plus detours and an interesting conversation with a horse rider.  To whom I have now sent several photos of a horseDSC_6217-1

Also, the bluebells are out.  I am a happy bluebell bunny.Bluebells





On the digestive front, great news – for me anyway – probiotic yoghurt works.  The digestive system now also works.  All I have to do now is think seriously about how much nicer it feels to carry half a stone* less around with me all the time and whether I ought to resist the siren call of food, glorious food – cream, cheese, curry, roast dinners, mounds of pasta, crispy, tender fish and most especially COFFEE!  Freshly caffetiered with hot frothy full cream milk!!!!!  And of course wine.  Hear those sweet sizzling, bubbling, slurping, sloshing food and drink noises?  I was hearing them in my sleep.  Now it seems like maybe I ought to resist them.

A little bit.



*I thought it was rather a let down that I only seemed to have lost half a stone.  But maybe I weighed a bit more than I thought I did when I left for India?

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