Life, photos but not the universe

Churches on hills

We have two nearby and from either one, you can see the other across the Kennet Valley.  Two pinpricks on top of round hills.  Nice

I had an entertaining morning on Sunday.  I went to capture one of the churches (no, not with nets and ropes, just a camera – they don’t move around much) .  As Barney had taken my car to a stamp fair* I was driving his pick-up.  As it’s very high and has a powerful engine, steering and brakes this was quite a swervy and sudden kind of a journey.  Sudden accelerations, sudden stops and, er, swerves.  Also quite bumpy.  It has a habit of hitting you in the back when you drive over potholes.  Also, the foot pedals are a lot higher than I’m used to.  In order to brake and change gear, I have to lift both feet up and hang on to the steering wheel to keep my balance, which makes the suddenness of braking and acceleration quite an active and energetic business.  Also, the engine growls a good deal.  So I had been swerving and swooping along the tiny lanes, peering over hedgerows and then swerving some more as the steering is so light you have to keep doing it or you end up in a ditch.  With the pickup growling peacefully as we went.  It was all rather pleasant (apart from the back bumping bits) and mildly exciting.

When I found my gateway with a view, and parked in a byway/ bridlepath/ thingie next to it, I was immediately approached with deliberation by a decidedly official looking person.  Unexpectedly too, as I was on a smallish road, not really near anywhere that official people tend to congregate.   No car parks, police stations, town halls or other places of official person issue within ooh, a good few miles.  Not actually near anything at all in fact other than the road, a hedge, a ploughed field and a bridleway.

Anyway, this is the countryside and it’s well known that the minute you stop in a deserted piece of countryside it will immediately come alive with dog walkers, cyclists, postmen, passers by and all manner of people totally unnecessary to your purpose (whatever it may be.  If what you were wanting was a quiet but urgent pee in the hedge you might as well stay in the car and suffer the consequences as hope to find a deserted hedge to hide behind.  Indeed, when this precise dilemma happened to a fellow traveller in Kenya, the driver refused to stop by any convenient looking bushes or undergrowths and gave the same reason for his refusal.  Embellished by the possibility of scorpions, snakes, zebra or even elephants appearing from the, apparently, totally empty savannah.  Being a country girl myself, I believed him but the others thought he was being too protective).

Anyway, not needing a pee on this occasion, I smiled at the official person (who was actually preparing to write in a small notebook) and when asked, quite politely but in a decidedly official manner peppered with ‘madams’ and ‘would you minds’ what I was doing there, told him.  “Ah!”  he said. “I was wondering because you’ve got all that in the back”.  Wondering what on earth was in the back because usually there isn’t much, I looked and found that there was a biggish heap of rubble which is probably on it’s way to the dump.  I couldn’t help wondering how the official person thought a fattish, middle aged woman with no apparent shovel or mechanical aids was going to transfer the heap to the byway.  But clearly he was on a mission to stop people fly tipping and saw no reason why I wouldn’t be one – a fly tipper that is.

Once I’d convinced him that he didn’t need to write me down in his little notebook we got on ever so well.  He pointed out that I should have come earlier when the light was better and that it was going to rain soon and for the rest of the day.  I said wasn’t it going to be sunny at around three and he said Oh no, torrential rain all day**.  I said Oh well, it would make a nice bleak picture and he agreed.  Then he took his notebook away and it began to rain.   I took a few bleak photos and wandered up the bridle path to look for a better view.  Cos I had my secret weapon!  A birthday present from my sister in law, of a very small umbrella, designed to be attached – fitted – um well, anyway, to go on your head.  Designed, I might say for the army. With camouflage.  (I’ve always said they’re a funny lot).

Whatever.  It’s a very good camera sized brolly and when I’ve worked out how to attach it to my camera instead of my head it will be perfect.

And today, I visited Youngest to be introduced to the newest addition to the family.  She (Youngest) seems to feel that three children and a man aren’t quite sufficient so they’ve bought themselves a little furry heap.  I have to say that said heap was quite unusually well behaved and quiet.  Also delightfully soft, roly-poly-over and charmingly incompentent at things like running, stopping and sitting down.  Meet Jess.

the serious business of chewing

the serious business of chewing

she has a duck of her very own

she has a duck of her very own


Fetch (at eight weeks? She must be a puppy prodigy)

puppy play

puppy play



Like lion cubs and babies, you have to remember that one day this will be a full grown dog.  But in the mean time, she’s rather nice to play with.

‘Night : )

*This is a regular treat, not for the car but for one of Barney’s friendly stamp dealers and his wife who is blind.  They don’t get out much together I suppose.  Have to say a stamp fair is possibly the last place I would expect to be a treat for a blind person but who am I to judge.

**He was wrong.  It’s now five thirty ish and has been sunny since threeish.  Not that I’m in the least concerned or even slightly hoping he’s noting the weather and remembering that he got it wrong.


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  1. I love puppies!
    they are so cute!
    it’ just the chewing and peeing and digging
    that make me want to rent my hair!

    For Youngest’s sake, I hope they’ve given her sufficient chewy stuff to keep her busy Sorrow but I couldn’t help noticing little tuggings and muzzlings going on around my feet when I was visiting. And she does have those tiny sharp little teeth. Apparently she doesn’t pee until she’s let out except if she’s kept waiting too long first thing in the morning. And she hasn’t discovered digging yet 🙂
    The other thing I wouldn’t be able to tolerate is yapping but when I saw her she never said a word though she looked volumes!
    So far, I approve : )

    Comment by Sorrow | March 10, 2009 | Reply

  2. GREAT Post! I love that puppy!!! I’m getting “PUPPY FEVER” and we already have three!

    I’m immune to it Betty. But I wouldn’t mind borrowing her occasionally – she’s very very cuddly : )

    Comment by betty Flocken | March 10, 2009 | Reply

  3. PUPPY alert!!!!

    Himself has been into showing me photos of puppies lately.
    NO NO NO….he’s allergic and I’m–easy……*sigh*
    Darn puppies……

    But what a cutie Jess is. All the joys of playing with none of the responsibilities–that’s MY idea of a GREAT puppy! 🙂

    In the meantime, just READING about the truck adventure was enough to give me a workout!
    And just so ya know, I’ve been interrogated by park rangers who were concerned that I was picking their wildflowers while I was crawling around on all fours, getting close up photos.
    But they’ve all been VERY kindly and informative once they saw the camera and not just my rearend sticking up in the air. LOL

    Ooh! It’s just as well I wasn’t trying to do close-ups Mel! I dread to think what he would have had to say about a possible fly tipper on hands and knees.

    Comment by Mel | March 12, 2009 | Reply

  4. Waitwaitwait!!!!!

    Church photos!!!


    *happily waiting*

    You know me and my love of old churches….

    (though I was amused with Jess’ duck….LOL)

    She has a pheasant too mel – but both toys quack when she chews them : )
    The church photos weren’t very satisfactory I’m afraid – too small and distant. But I’m sure there will be churches at some point before too long bcause I love them too 🙂

    Comment by Mel | March 12, 2009 | Reply

  5. gorgeous puppy. . .



    She’s deliciously soft and floppy I. Almost, I’d like one myself : )

    Comment by I, Like The View | March 13, 2009 | Reply

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