Life, photos but not the universe

We’re away (almost)

Well actually we’re not for another day or so but I know I won’t have time to do this after today.

Meanwhile, word press tells me – We will be making some code changes in about 26 minutes which will log you out of your WordPress.com account. They should only take a few seconds and you should be able to log in afterwards without any problems.

Hmm.   It’s the ‘about’ that worries me.  My ‘about’ means until I’m ready to stop.  Theirs may well mean at least two minute before then!

Anyway, from now on I shall simply become more and more boringly fixated on packing and warm layers and weights (How much do all these warm layers weigh and will I have space for my Tripod!!!!!!  which, being heavy, cold metal, I probably won’t use anyway)  And OMG, how big is a hand baggage*?

So last night, I sat down to make plans and noticed an irritating arrangement of books on my computer shelf.  Two hours later I was well into viewing, labelling and storing a half dozen photo CDs which have been hanging around for ages (I checked – 2 years) and my shelf looked much more rational (to me, that is 🙂  So now I seem to be downloading a lot of photos one of which I remember being particularly exciting at the time.  It’s got cherries in it and that’s got to be good hasn’t it?

Cherries - Life?

Cherries - Life?

See you all when I get back.  Whenever my brain isn’t frozen, I’ll think of you all.  xxx

*My researches into this subject led me to a very pleasant sounding Swedish airline employee who was as helpful as a person can be without actually being able to tell me if the Swedish airline would let me take the camera in a separate bag.

If I take my DSLR with all its bits and bobs, and also a very small, woman’s purse, they will let me fly.

If I take a computer sized bag and also a tiny camera they will let me fly.

If I take a baggage sized bag and a DSLR sized bag full of camera and bits and bobs, they will not let me fly.

However, if I took a baggage sized bag and a computer bag they would let me fly.



Nice, helpful and posessed , as he was, of a delightful Swedish accent and a sense of humour, he was unable to tell me if they would let me fly with a baggage sized bag and a not very tiny camera bag containing only my camera!  Anyway, I haven’t got a camera bag.  My camera lives in my rucksack in an insulated lunch bag : )

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