Life, photos but not the universe

There was a big orange moon outside a while ago and lots of stars.

Later the moon was big and white and the stars looked pretty much the same. I know this because I have been wandering in and out in various layers of wintery garb in the hope of finding out which, if any, combination will keep me warm in Lapland.  Only, exasperatingly it’s been ridiculously mild and not even very windy, all night, so far.

Where is the British winter when you need it?

I’ve found a combination that keeps me warm while sitting at the computer though : )  and since I’m sitting there now, why not see what the temperatures are now, up there in Lapland.

OMG!   Quite cold then.

Well I’ve a few jobs to do and it’s quite late so I shall wander off and consider frozen water.  Nononono – I mean I shall consider drying clothes and washing and tomorrows tasks and Oh! I forgot.  I did get some boots today.  These are a belated present from Barney (We couldn’t think of anything at Christmas) and they are to wear for the actual wedding.  I said to the girl in the shop, I need something warm and fluffy to stand around for an hour in a freezing ice chapel which will stop my feet from freezing to the floor but will look quite nice.  You know I think she did very well considering that they had a run on warm clothing last week.  And Youngest says she doesn’t mind me wearing a pale purple woollie under my rather fabulous new coat (Long, black and Cashmere).  (And there will be the thermal vest under that and Long Johns and tights under the skirt and two pairs of socks and a fleece hat and ear muffs* and a purple scarf.  And the lovely sister in Law is making me a muff.  Furry inside and out : )

I’m getting quite obsessive about clothes!  So heres something completely different

the moon in a fork

the moon in a fork

A bit of a winter rainbow.



Old apple and young hazel trees

Apple and hazel


Sky blue pink dragons

Sky blue pink dragons

I had some ducks for Mel but I’ve mislaid them!  I’ll look again tomorrow

‘Night all 🙂

*I lied about the ear muffs – really I think I’ll just have to live with cold ears for a while.

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  1. Oh wow……we had the same gorgeous orangish moon. It’s been just fantastic this past week and a half.

    And I feel much better, thanks.
    What’s it say that temps in Lapland are comparable to an Iowa winter?

    Sheeeeeeeshhhhh…….don’t answer that!
    Honest–that was our January!

    Definitely ear muffs, Mig. In -15 F it takes about 10 minutes for frost bite to happen. DEFINITELY ear muffs!

    Ohhhhhh……and yesterday we had sundogs! 🙂
    It was wayyyy cool!!!

    Ooh! Sundogs! I’ve only ever seen them in photos Mel. How lovely.
    Ok. So ear muffs 🙂 Or at any rate all-over hoodie things. Youngest tells me that the outer layers they provide will be almost too hot – but I’m not taking her word for it.
    I’m so glad you’re feeling better (((((((((((((((Mel)))))))))))))))

    Comment by Mel | February 15, 2009 | Reply

  2. fabulous

    thank you

    and the other photos are, as usual, wonderful

    thank you


    (glad you’re dressed for warmth – it’s been pretty nippy, and a few times I’ve been underdressed and have shivered a lot)

    It’s a pleasure dear I. Just seemed like the right picture for you 🙂
    I wish I’d done a bit less wrapping up now! We’re off tomorrow and I suddenly thought I ought to have been acclimatising myself!

    Comment by I, Like The View | February 16, 2009 | Reply

  3. Yep, dragons.

    Comment by Rimshot | February 18, 2009 | Reply

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