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If only I’d been a boy scout (I’d be more prepared?)

Well after the party, the snow melts away.

It’s amazing, yesterday’s death traps have turned back into paths and driveways, pavements, flights of steps and car parks.  Journeys have gone back to their normal distances and it seems not unbearable to consider swimming.  Today the sun shone on the limp, brownish fields and large puddles of snow melt hung around in every dip in the roads.

It didn’t last long by most standards but it was the longest lying snow I remember in England for a few years.  (the timing was crap but isn’t that always the way).

And we suddenly realise that more snow is on our personal horizon – I hope that’s not melting because the one thing that might be colder and more uncomfortable than sleeping in an ice room in Lapland might be sleeping in a melting ice room – anywhere!

Anyway.  I have to get myself organised rather quickly as we have only a week before flying off to the genuinely and excessively frozen North.  Today, I bought 3 pairs of (slightly) woolly tights and a long sleeved thermal vest (I already bought some of those things but I feel as though I need more.)  I have only the vaguest idea of how the trip is organised so I don’t know how much time we will have to spend indoors (requiring lots of layers of our own) outdoors (wearing extra layers supplied by the hotel) or in between (requiring easily removable and replaceable layers compatible with the outdoor layers above mentioned).  A request for information from the important people who ought to know (ie Youngest and her partner) about how much money we might need, produced vague results!  But I feel we should take LOTS.  In case of emergencies.  Or in case the layers we get here turn out to be inadequate.  Or in case we go for a little walk in Lapland and get lost and need to hire a reindeer to get back to the hotel.  Or a helicopter rescue.  Or in case I see a really beautiful, warm, furry, cosy pair of boots somewhere between here and there and need to buy them.  Oh and I suppose we might want to eat?

Here is something quite entertaining.

(Long pause to argue with the computer over the link which didn’t work at first I wonder if it does now!)

Birthday Calculator

I have learnt that I was born in the year of the tiger


under the sign of Saggitarius, (actually I knew that )



that my native american zodiac sign is the owl



and that my plant is the mistletoe.



My fortune cookie reads:  Much more grows in the garden than that which is planted there. (Quite an accurate fortune cookie then, especially when you consider our garden)

My birthstone is either the blue zircon, blue topaz, ruby or Lapis Lazuli.  (I think that depends on which traditional medecine or folk lore you consult – anyway, I’ll settle for something blueish and shiny) and my birth tree is the Ash.

There’s a lot more stuff which I haven’t learnt.  It’s either too silly or too difficult.  A lot of minutes and seconds were involved though.

All in all, I’m quite happy to be an owl in the year of the tiger and I like blue shiny things.  Gardens?  I like weeds and unplanted stuff.  Oh that reminds me, one of my bamboo plants fell down in the snow.  I hope it gets up again soon.

Do tell me what you learn about your birth – things : )


A bit more moonlit snow.  With shadows : )

The last few days, what with late (even later) nights and drunken evenings and general veering from hysteria to relief and back again have reduced me to  a slightly glassy-eyed and less than coherant state.  Probably I need to sleep some more?  Yes.  Probably I do.  I’ll try it anyway.

I hope you are all sleeping lots too and keeping nice and warm.  We need more sleep (and warmth) in Winter don’t you think?



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