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I’ve just noticed that Word Press has something called turbo!  I wonder what that is?

Anyway,  today, we cooked chilli and baked potatoes for 90, a huge heap of chicken legs, an enormous bowl of couscous and um something else.

Later, I went to collect glasses from Waitrose and was tempted – perhaps foolishly, to nip into a parking place in the woods and take some snowy photos.  (Thinking, it’s a bit irresponsible but after all what with party preparations and stuff, I’ve hardly seen this snow, let alone taken pics of it).  Well the back wheels flopped neatly into a rut and spun a lot!

Oops.  (Actually what I thought was quite unprintable but highly coloured).   So I got out, considered the car, crunched into the woods a little way, swearing a lot, took three or four photos very quickly and went back to consider strategies.  In the end it seemed most sensible to scrape some snow out from behind the wheels and back out of the rut.  Amazingly this worked!  I was impressed with my coolness and saved from the  ignominy of having to call Barney to come to my rescue and the embarrassment of having to explain why I had chosen to leave the road instead of getting to the shops and home again as quickly and carefully as possible.  Instead of being sensible even.  (Not that any explanation would have been needed.  He does know me quite well : )

Later still, I decided that, having been thwarted in one attempt to get some snow pics, I would go out and get snow pics in the moonlight!  This seemed like a brilliant idea until I found out how completely frozen the afternoon’s slush had become.  No problem.  just a question of picking my way along the crunchy bits of mud and crispy slush at the side of the road, occasionally using the tripod as a sort of three-legged walking stick.  Sadly, most of the photos came out rather blurry.  I haven’t found out how to make the camera autofocus at night, nor can I understand how to do it manually in the dark.

Never mind.  there were stars : )

stars and stripes

stars and stripes

February 7, 2009 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. Oh, I’m sooooooo glad you got unstuck!

    And the photo–WAY cool.

    <– hasn’t figured out the nighttime thingy either

    I will.


    Well if you ever do Mel, let me know? xxx

    Comment by Mel | February 8, 2009 | Reply

  2. Ninety?

    N I N E T Y ? ! ? ! !

    HOLY buckets!

    And that wasn’t even the last count. It was up to 97 for a day or two : )

    Comment by Mel | February 8, 2009 | Reply

  3. what a lovely photo!

    the food sounds delicious. . . glad you didn’t get stuck in the wood/snow

    Thank you dear I 🙂
    I’m also glad I didn’t get stuck as it would have taken a bit of living down. And the food did turn out really quite well. Not that I got eat much at the time but we made so much there’s loads in the freezer for future reference!

    Comment by I, Like The View | February 8, 2009 | Reply

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