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Better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick

Was the title of a Monty Python Review in the seventies.  However it should go on record that there was a folk group of that name (shortened to Poke in the Eye) some time before the Review.  On Saturday next, Poke in the Eye will be reunited (oddly enough this often happens when Barney or I have a birthday).  Better still, the reunion will include all four founder members of the group – unbeknownst to Birthday Boy, Alan, who left the group quite early and who we haven’t seen since he left, will be coming too!

So tonight, John and us two, had a practice.  We attempted to introduce to the practice a number of songs that Alan says he can remember and could manage but Barney was exasperatingly fixed on several other songs.  We were hard put to it to get a set together that Alan sang any of.  And of course we couldn’t thwart Barney too openly since it’s his do!  It’s really hard to practice with one invisible, unheard member who just happens to be a hundred miles or so away.  Especially when you can’t mention him.  And of course, it seemed pretty silly to insist on doing songs that we stopped doing when he left!

Nonetheless, by the end of the evening, we were beginning to sound as though we knew each other a bit and even as though we were all singing (and playing) the same music.  I must say, it’s ever so restful just singing.*  That is, once my voice had recovered from the shock and my smoke abused lungs had remembered how to fit extra air in where needed 🙂

There was a good deal of creaking and coughing and random noise and I will need to practice A Lot!  But it shouldn’t be too embarrassing 🙂

So that’s one thing going well.

It’s occurred to me that I should consider decorations.  Ah, I wish you were all here to help.  I’m completely without inspiration.  All I can think of is to tie a few bundles of reed to the walls and add ribbons and maybe some balloons!  But no visions are coming to me about how the hall should look!  OMG – Tables – we need things to put on the tables – cloths or paper or something!  I guess I could go round ripping lengths of ivy off the trees and I could get Barney to provide some bundles of reed?   Or we could just blow up a lot of balloons and settle for that!  I need to go shopping.  (Again ?!  My feet hurt just thinking about it)

Ooh!  and I’ve just looked at the weather forecast – we’ve got snow promised for half of next week!**  Well decorations or no decorations, snow will be allowed to intervene!

*As opposed to hauling out a fiddle, struggling to get it in tune and then trying to remember which way up it ought to be)

**  Yay!  Snow came.  It’s gone again now and I havn’t had time to do anything much with the photos but some time soon there will be some : )

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