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good enough is going to have to do

When you have to answer that question “do you work well under pressure”  my true answer would be something like “well at least I do work under pressure.”

In fact until the pressure arrives, all I usually do is think a bit and imagine stuff and make a lot of lists.  then I look at what I’ve thought and think a bit more and discard some of the ideas and add different, even more ambitious ones.  Then I think a bit more and discard most of them and eventually, pressure arrives and I think “well good enough will have to do!”  Then I do it.  Usually it is good enough.

Annoyingly, I’ve never learnt to skip the add and discard stages or at least to get them over with quickly.  So when I get to the good enough stage, there’s usually quite a lot of pressure and not much time.  Since this is the only way I seem to work, it means as soon as I start planning anything (from tomorrow’s shopping to a major party) my first thought is well I don’t suppose I’ll get to do everything I want to do so it’s really just a question of putting up with whatever does get done.  Boring boring  😦  why bother  😦   is it all worth it  😦   grumble grumble, lot of work for not enough result  😦

Then I get into the planning, adding, discarding, panicking stage and finally, since I know from experience that stuff usually does happen in the end, a sort of  fatalistic slow gathering of will and intention (as I remember that it won’t happen unless I actually do some of it) which gets more and more intense and focussed until I resemble something small, fast and waspish, zipping about, cursing, snapping and being short to other slow people (who are still working in normal time).  My phone manner becomes abrupt and busy, my conversation becomes single track and my hair is a mess.  From time to time a little voice in the back of my head says things like

don’t forget to get your hair cut /why oh why didn’t I start doing this earlier /OMG I forgot to feed the cats this morning / CUPS/CURTAINS/DOG BISCUITS*

Calendars and notes and dates float past my eyes when I’m falling asleep.

It’s not very efficient!  But it looks quite good : )

On this (momentous) occasion of Barney’s enormous birthday, there’s an added complication or two, in that two weeks after the party there’s another major event which, thank heavens I’m not planning but I do need to make sure I’m ready for it and a few weeks after that, we are going on one of our big holidays (any excuse will do but this time it’s the Barney birthday holiday**) and there’s a few very important things we need well in advance – like visas and immunisations.  Which I suddenly remembered last night!

Right.    The first thing is to make a list.  Definitely.  I wonder when exactly pressure mode will kick in?  It’s about time it did!***

And  Oh look!  I’m not even making a list – I’m just quickly doing a blog post.  Well that won’t get anything done.  (Ah, but I am trying out my new thermal underwear.   Which ought to be keeping me warm don’t you think.  I suppose I’d be even colder if I wasn’t wearing it?  Better go outside and see how it performs in the howling gale and freezing wind chill which is supposed to be bringing us SNOW!!!!!)

not this kind of snow

(not this kind of snow, the sort that's still there an hour later)

I’m off!  got things to panic about.  You can keep calm though ok?

*The only way to alter the size of print in a wordpress blog is to make it a paragraph style.    So all small things, like little voices in the back of my head have to have their own paragraph.  Ridiculous!

**Other times it’s been anniversaries and milleniums and ‘the children have all left home’ kinds of excuses : )

***It’s no wonder I spend half my life peering up at a mountain of things I haven’t done yet but which must be done before something else runs out!

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  1. good enough is good enough

    just as enough is enough sometimes. . .

    (not that you need me to tell you that!)

    you’ll get all the things done that need to be accomplished, I’m sure – and the things that don’t get done probably won’t matter in the long run!

    I just hope that the snow they’ve forecast doesn’t get in the way


    It’s still very nice to be told dear I, and thank you : ) I’m now embarking on a new master list to include all the stuff on little bits of paper that are scattered around my desk. I’m hoping that will spur me into faster action.
    Oh and the snow 🙂
    No, that didn’t get in my way at all 🙂
    And big (((((((((((((((((
    I )))))))))))))))))))))

    Comment by I, Like The View | February 1, 2009 | Reply

  2. You got snow!

    I laughed as I read the process. ONLY cuz it’s familiar sounding……’cept I tend to lose lists that I then recreate–and promptly lose again….which I then recreate……and lose…..

    Oh, but I do have pretty sticky notes! 🙂

    And you do have snow!
    AND–good enough IS good enough.


    By the time you’ve recreated a few times you’ve probably learnt them by heart Mel : ) and probably discarded a lot of inessentials too.
    Anyway. Good enough WILL do : ) and thank you too : )

    Comment by Mel | February 2, 2009 | Reply

  3. Oh Mig….*laughing* You flatter me.

    Have I not warned you that things fall out of this brain faster than I can put ’em in?

    If not–just did! 😉

    Then there must be enough stuff from our two brains floating around in the er, wherever fallen out stuff goes, to create at least one genius Mel since sometimes, when I put a new thought in, I can almost hear the pop! as an older thought falls out : ) Come to think of it, as I don’t know what it was that fell out it’s quite possible that it’s the same thought I put in : )

    Comment by Mel | February 4, 2009 | Reply

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