Life, photos but not the universe


The dogs crashed, the computer’s thrown up and the cats won’t start.

No.  Let’s try that again slowly.

Outlook hung, the dog threw up and I had to restart the computer.

All sorted now.

I had a nice day with a dear friend, we talked a lot, rushed out to have lunch just before the pub stopped serving and came back here and talked a lot more.   Just before she came, I suddenly realised that the sun was trying to get through the fog and rushed out to grab a few photos of the pond at the bottom of the hill.  I hope she didn’t have to wait too long when she arrived but she’s a photographer too – I think she understood 🙂

faded rushes

faded rushes

No longer Green-O

The narrow way

The narrow way

The only way in fact unless you want to walk a very long and muddy way through thorns and nettles and cow pats and possibly get lost.  But not a bad way.

Right.  Tomorrow I have to collect girls from various places so they can take me shopping in Oxford.  It’ll be an early start for me.

Sleep well.  I hope all your plans for tomorrow work out smoothly and easily.

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