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It’s always nice to have help

Like, it’s wonderful that the girls and indeed the boy, are going to organise marvellous special things for Barney’s party and all I have to do is make sure everything’s booked and arranged.

Only it’s funny that I’ve spent nearly the whole evening on the phone to assorted children and then searching my files for old and large and, well, difficult to find photos of Barney* and also making lists of phone numbers for them.  I really need to get on the phone on my own account to organise a collection at the pub for him – whenever it’s anyone else’s birthday, it’s always him who does that – so where is he???  Oh – well he can’t exactly do his own can he 😦

And to be honest, it’s going to seem a bit weird if I do it.  So I need to pick a good organiser who can do it for me.  Delegate in fact.

Found her!!!  I knew someone would do it for me 🙂

winter waters

winter waters

Time between one appointment and the shopping to lean over the bridge and admire the river 🙂

Got to go now – check out the party venue and visit the butcher and the brewery 🙂

Have fun all 🙂

Incidentally, I know we are rushing precipitously towards a recession but I hadn’t realised it was this bad.**

*This is such a distracting thing to do!  I found photos of holidays from long ago, photos of the children, photos of himself and even photos of me (there aren’t many of those these days – next time we go away, he must take his camera too – I may not be beautiful but I am there!).  And photos taken by my father years and years ago.  Of course the photos I was looking for were buried at the bottoms of many boxes and in the middles of albums and in envelopes and all over the place.

**I feel like instantly ringing up Great Grandad and asking if he’s got his woolies from Iceland yet 🙂

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