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Yell for help

I’m trying to find a large (46 chest at least), mans, vintage style,  wool great coat.  It needs to be military looking (WW2 type) with epauletty things and double breasted and shiny buttoned and belted.  And long.  Preferably with a collar that can be buttoned right up.

Or really, any sites or shops which sell these things and have them in stock.

I have of course found such sites but they’re all out of stock or only have little sizes left.  Apparently these coats became popular after the’ ‘Torchwood’ series on TV.

I mean if you happen to have a little military surplus/vintage clothes store, just round the corner which has a great big enormous grey greatcoat in the window, let me know?

This one looks perfect but unfortunately it’s out of stock. (nice isn’t it 🙂

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I’ve just re-read ‘An Equal Music’  by Vikram Seth (A Suitable Boy was the first book of his that I ever heard of – it was hugely feted at the time and I didn’t like it at all – couldn’t finish it in fact which is unusual for me).

Any way, I hadn’t forgotten that  ‘An Equal Music’ is wonderful but I had  forgotten how wonderful.  (And I must say, it seemed to me to be quite unlike ‘A Suitable Boy’  but since I didn’t finish that I can’t be sure).  I was spellbound, enchanted and moved all over again.   And I have to wonder if it would affect a non-musician or even a non-violinist in the same way.  Anyone?  I defy any fiddle player not to sniffle at least once.

Yesterday, we had a power cut.  Or rather a series  of small power cuts with each return of power lasting just long enough for a chorus of indignant electronic beeps and bingly-bongs to run round the kitchen and dining room and for the kettle to get a bit warm.  Which reminded me, a few nights ago I went up the road with the dog and the moon was chasing cloud shadows along the hedge.  A tiny mewing came from out of the darkness and then an inelegant squawk*.  The two cats had followed us and vanished and reappeared as the clouds passed, one tiny black and white shadow and one little grey one.

And this morning the sun is shining.  However, I came downstairs keen to get a bit of stuff for the party organised – just a quick bit of photo editing and a few emails while my coffee brewed.  Just now I noticed that the sun had gone, the heating had turned itself off and my feet and fingers were frozen solid and no longer doing things very efficiently.  The reason being** that I’d forgotten to finish getting up.  Like, I’d flung a woollie on over my pyjams and was only wearing socks on my feet!   Ok, I’m up and running now and my goodness it’s a bit warmer with clothes on!

I’ve just got halfway through a round of comments when blogger informed me it wasn’t available right now.  So the rest will have to wait till it is.  I just hope it’s only blogger and not WP too 🙂

And now I have to go to bed.  Being suddenly very sleepy. I hope you all sleep well.

*Tosca has no pussycat voice, she sounds like a cross between a parrot and a very small, high-pitched cow : )

**Obviously forgetting to get dressed didn’t make the sun go.  You’ll have to make whatever sense you can out of that paragraph.  The brain was frozen too.

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