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Just a few little inconveniences

Or – when do all those stitches in time become more stitch than whatever you had to start with?

Well, when the car gets to that certain age and the back door handle falls off and the  draught through the back door where we had to keep shaving bits off because it sticks in summer gets so fresh that we need to buy a curtain to hang in front of it.

Today, I got into the car and adjusted the seat (because some people never put it back after they’ve used the car) and then readjusted it only the lever which ought to adjust, suddenly didn’t. And while I was getting that fixed, Barney came home and the back door handle just fell off in his hand.  (“it come off in me ‘and Mum, Honest”)

Curtains to follow.  What puzzles me about the back door is how much bigger can it go on getting in summer?  I mean surely, eventually, it just won’t be able to swell enough to stick any more because there won’t be any left?  Maybe we should keep the shavings and stick them back on in winter?  And anyway, why does it swell in summer when it ought to be drying out and shrinking and then shrink in winter when the damp ought to be making it swell?  I mean doesn’t it obey the basic laws of um?  Physics?

Oh well.  Silver linings and all that.  while the car was being fixed I wandered up through the woods behind the garage and although it was getting a bit dark to take pics I did find a pond.  I’m very fond of ponds and now I know it’s there I’ll make a point of returning on a nice bright day 🙂

Meanwhile the dog got hold of some chocolate after Christmas (I don’t know who knocked the chocs on the floor but I do know who sits next to them and didn’t pick them up).  So that maybe accounts for his hangdog look and frequent visits to a certain patch of grass to chew and then throw up.  I hope  it doesn’t mean he’s getting to the same sort of certain age as the car because he, though exasperating and not very bright, is irreplacable.

The cats (who show very few signs of reaching any kind of age) have brought yet another something into the utility room and have let it escape into one of the many unreachable corners in there.  It has a considerable pair of lungs* though – I could hear its outraged screeching from halfway up the stairs.  When I reached the scene, they (cats) were both on guard near the impenetrable pile of Barney’s boots (old, new and apparently all useful, if not in the foreseeable future, at some time we can’t exactly describe just yet).  I decline to take out and shake every one of Barney’s boots to see what’s taken refuge in there.  One or two of the things they’ve brought in I wouldn’t tackle without gauntlets and a long forked stick.  Besides, by now, it’s probably under the freezer or the washing machine.

My frosty day last week was enormously productive – here’s a few more pics.

Fairytale woods

Fairytale woods

‘The Larch’.  (for Monty Python fans)

The long and winding road

The long and winding road

Ooh!  Stop in the middle of the road kind of moment.


This is almost a bunny’s eye view, there’s a style in the corner of the field and you have to scramble up a bank to see through.

I’ve just realised that we don’t have enough room for everyone who’s supposed to be staying over for Barney’s party.  If only he’d had the sense to be born in the summer instead of in February we could have put everyone in tents!

Um!  Need to get in touch with extremely kind and helpful sister in law about beloved Father who suddenly needs somewhere to stay!  Or maybe some of the children would sleep in the sitting room.  After all I don’t suppose we’ll be sitting in it much!  Right.  Time to get on that phone again.

I hope all your plans are going well.  I’m going to order some wooden spoons and knives and forks.  It turns out they’re not out of stock after all.  Isn’t that nice 🙂

*It turned out to be the tiniest shrew you could imagine.  It must have been nearly all lung to be able to make so much noise when clutched in the jaws of death – I mean a cat.

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