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Positively -positive!

You may remember that the year before last I tried to sell some hand made cards.  You may remember that the week before last I tried to get started on doing some accounts (the enormous gap is because that tax man doesn’t want to know what you’ve been doing with your money till the year after the year you did it – I suppose there’s some sense in that)

So, finally, I found the little blue book and the little heap of invoices and got out the cash box.  And tonight, I sat down to write all the numbers down.  The first month ended with a huge column on the left which said -£354.36 and an empty one on the right which said+£0.00.

The second month had -£444.33 on the left and +£3.25 on the right.

The next few months looked similarly unbalanced.

But by the time I got to the end, in spite of the growing figure on the left, the one on the right had somehow become more than half as big as the one on the left!!!!

I’m a little astonished, not to say gobsmacked!  (is that really all one word?)  What’s more, the float that I used to take to market is still there so I can pay myself back for that!

Well you can see why I wasn’t inspired to keep trying very hard but if only I’d kept doing the accounts regularly I might have made a bit more effort.  And really, since I still have lots of stock and lots of materials, I might as well start it up again.  If only to get the two figures to end up the same 🙂

It’s an odd thing but though I hate sitting down to sort all this stuff out, I actually quite enjoy quietly adding up rows of figures and finding out what it all means in the end.  I’ve often wondered why I was so happy doing ex-boss’s accounts and that must have been why 🙂

frozen cornfield

frozen cornfield

So, meanwhile, there’s frozen fields

Lake - no swans

Lake - no swans

and  – um, well, not exactly lakes – just the overflow reservoir for our water

the road goes ever onward

the road goes ever onward

And on we go, through frozen winter hopefully to burgeoning Spring.  But since it’s really cold right now and quite late, I’m going to go to bed.  Sleep well 🙂

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