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Sorry, I’ve been absent

Too much going on!  Visits, meetings, concert, unexpected turnups and a dishwasher.

The dishwasher took up most of last night.  It was a Christmas gift from Youngest and her Partner (that is to say, he obtained it for us and when we asked how much it was he said we could have it for Christmas!)  So last night we unwrapped it and dismantled most of the kitchen in order to find the plug and got the machine into place and then remantled the kitchen.  Just one small flaw in this lengthy operation – we forgot to switch the plug on before the remantling.*

Otherwise, isn’t it amazing how far those little polystyrene balls will travel once they’ve escaped from their original block.  Isn’t it annoying (if you were brought up on plugs which had to be changed regularly and had red for live and black for dead – I mean as in ‘not live’ , not as in ‘Flash Bang , you’re Dead’) how difficult it is to remember what blue and brown are supposed to mean.  Isn’t it infuriating how the new little bits of plug wire don’t really go back into the plug after you’ve got the old ones out.  And also how easy it is to cut through fine copper and how hard to cut through plastic wire insulation.

We spent what seemed like most of the weekend at Youngest’s, meeting the other couple who are going to be Partner’s witnesses at the wedding in the frozen North – they were absolutely lovely people, hence, although we really only stayed one night, it felt more like a month and took the next three days to recover.  We are too old for all night sessions!

A litle bit of urban magic – When I was taking the dog for a late night walk at Youngest’s house (we forgot to organise a dog sitter so he came with us) we saw an urban fox.  At least I saw it and it saw us and even watched us ambling along the road from the cover of the bushes.  Cars went past and illuminated his little pointy face and ears peering out from the undergrowth and then he ran though the grass and branches and melted away.  Nutmeg saw nothing and even didn’t smell the place where fox crossed the road in front of us.

And a little bit of rural magic -Some time last week, I looked out of my kitchen window and found myself watching a roe deer who just happened to be passing and was wondering what that watery noise was (Old, leaky dishwasher).  The deer saw me looking through the window and left fairly swiftly – much too fast for me to get the camera and creep outside to get a photo.  Does this mean as well as taking my camera everywhere I go I even have to have it poised at all times in the kitchen? The loo?  The bath?  Gaah!  and Barney would take a very dim view of it coming to bed with us 🙂

Last week an enormous filling fell out of my mouth!  Just fell out!  Yesterday my favourite (still the only one I have) dentist plugged the hole again and graciously allowed that I could eat with it today.  Eating on one side is very time and thought consuming I find.  Good for dieting so maybe I lost a little bit of weight last night?  I haven’t checked  🙂  Another thing in life that I find amazing is how different all the different parts of the mouth feel under the influence of anaesthetic.    F”rinstance, when the lower jaw is anaesthetised, there seems to be far too much stuff in there.  I feel as if someone made a mistake as it reassembles itself during the day and put an extra mouth in there somewhere.  but when it’s just the lower jaw, there seems to be an empty, echoing chasm.  An absence of something huge and I find myself wondering if Mr Dentist forgot to put back some vital part.  As it turns out, he didn’t and this morning it’s all present and correct and I may now relearn how to eat with both halves of my face 🙂  I will try not to eat twice as much!

Well, I really ought to get a bit of a move on.  As usual, I haven’t done more that half of what I planned and every morning I’m expecting to wake up and find that Christmas has arrived without telling me.  (Let me know if it has and I missed it?)

an after-dentist treat

an after-dentist treat

Busy busy bother.  I’m going to go on being absent for a bit.

Miss visiting you all but I really have to try and get stuff under control – stuff, and myself!
Lotsa love anyway 🙂

And random hugs, flungs out into the virtual.

And xxx’s blown away into the aether.

(catch : )

*Our kitchen is very tightly fitted into the space allotted for it.  The plugs for the cooker and dishwasher are behind the drawers which would be fine if someone had thought to cut a hole in the side panels that a plug would fit through.  Unfortunately they didn’t and so to fit a new appliance, you have to remove drawers and then take the new plug off and someone has to make themselves very small, squish their body into  a dark space, press their ear against a spider’s nest or fifty (mouse skeletons are optional and probably seasonal) and feel around a blind corner to  push the wire through a very small hole (Someone actually thought of this part – why on earth didn’t they make the hole big enough for a plug instead of just big enough for a wire?????) into the space behing the drawers.  Someone else has to bend themselves into an unnatural shape and make a very long arm to reach into the dark and feel around for the emerging  (if you’re lucky) wire.  Then, and only then, can you begin the long business of getting the old plug onto the new wire!

(Update – the dishwasher works like a dream and is as quiet as one.  Fantastic)

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