Life, photos but not the universe

Howling gale

Just thought I’d mention there’s one outside.  So I’ve got stuff cooking slowly in the oven and stuff drying in the tumble dryer and I’m hoping the cats don’t choose to go in or out and let the cat flap blow open.

I can’t remember if I have to go out today.  Rather hope not!

Anyway, this evening, I improved the shining hour by making an entirely new potato curry. (Slight hiatus there while we ate it. It wasn’t quite as expected – a bit gluey.  Never mind, next time I shall add more yoghurt or water or something).

Well the next few days are going to be horribly busy.  I have to address 60 invitations, get the house in order and prepare to abandon ship for the weekend.  Well, no, not abandon, join ship.  Barney’s brother’s timeshare boat on the Grand Union Canal.

Also I have to prepare for another year.  Another one of mine.  Shortly (while we’re on the boat in fact) I shall turn 58.  I would appreciate it if the powers that be could be kind enough to mark the occasion (and the preceeding days) with a lot of sunshine.  Possibly a dash of snow (about six inches, lasting, oh three or four hours at most, would be ideal) and a touch of frost.  A few wisps of not-too-early-morning mist would go down well too.  No rain please and no wind.  A couple of rainbows would be perfect.

Oh and I wouldn’t sneeze at the odd brilliant full moon 🙂  I think I’d like the snow and the moon at the same time if possible 🙂

Not asking much am I?  Could be a Birthday/Christmas present?

Blimey!  It’s taking me nearly two days to finish a post.  I must be slowing down in my old age.  I need some coffee. (It’s brewing) And heart burn stuff (yuk) and a shower (brrr). And I have an appointment with my favourite dentist later so I need to eat and scrrrrub my teeth with a wire brush.  It’s ok, he’s only my favourite because he’s the only one I have (and for as long as he continues to say “nothing to do to these teeth”).  Also the only one around for hundreds of miles who still takes National Health patients.  Which in theory, means he’s cheaper than all the others.  In practice I wouldn’t know.  And I have to ask my ex boss (fiddle repairer) if I can borrow his tripod for the weekend away and also give him some money for repairing my fiddle and re-hairing my bow.  (his tripod is much quicker and easier to adjust than mine.  And look – you cn do this with it)

what's all this about then.


Yeah, like I was born yesterday.  No I haven’t won eight hundred and fifteen thouand euros in a lottery for which I didn’t buy a ticket. But just in case, I looked it up and it’s a scam.  Quite a neat one too.  the point being that with exboss’s tripod, I can have the camera directly above the peice of paper instead of trying to get it all in at an angle. And had I been a spy, photographing secret documents, I could have done it without having to use a revealing flash. (As long as there was some light in the place) Of course I might have a bit of trouble getting two feet of folded up tubes and knobbles with a camera on the end into a place of secret document storage without calling a bit of attention to myself but these things aren’t meant to be easy right?

And if I wanted to photograph a butterfly in a bush, I could poke the camera on the end of the bendy arm into the bush without having to poke my head in too.  Of course I wouldn’t be able to see what the camera was taking a photo of as the viewfinder would be in the middle of the bush with the camera but let’s not be picky.  Actually I think you can get attachments for looking through the viewfinder at funny angles but they cost arms and legs and aren’t exactly little, delicate pieces of equipment.

Now I’m imagining having the camera leaning out over the edge of the boat taking pics of ripples from new and previously undiscovered angles.  But this thought makes me nervous.  I may not bother with trying that.

Oddly enough there’s a thread joing the two ends of this post*.  It goes – tripod – birthday – present – AHA!

I shall leave you with this thought

it's chilli in winter

chilli in winter


And let the dog in from the cold.

Keep warm.

*yes I know the birthday part wasn’t at the beginning but if you’ve read this far, hopefully you’ll have forgotten where the beginning was.

November 25, 2008 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. happy birthday
    happy sailing
    happy snapping
    and may your wishes, at least some of them (not the snow thanks!) come true


    Aaw! Thank you ziggi. (For you I’ll forgo the snow 🙂

    Comment by ziggi | November 25, 2008 | Reply

  2. well happy happy birthday! may your days be blessed!
    and sorry you didn’t win the lotto!
    it would have bought a nice couple of tri pods!

    Thank you Sorrow 🙂 I think if I ever did win a lottery (unlikely as I never buy tickets) I’d get one of those little heli-cam things with remote control. Then it could follow me around, obediently putting itself wherever I wanted it. I wouldn’t even have to carry the camera!
    Anyway, most of my days are blessed with the company I keep here already 🙂

    Comment by Sorrow | November 25, 2008 | Reply

  3. Happy happy birthday birthday!
    To you, to you!

    Warm wishes and happy thoughts for your birthday……rainbows and sunshine, moonbeams and misty moments, too.
    Oh, it’ll be a glorious day, ma’am…I can feel it already.

    Celebrate well.
    And keeping embracing those leaning over the boat moments, eh?
    They look good on ya.

    (((((((((((((( Mig ))))))))))))))

    Happy happy birthday birthday–to YOU to YOU!!

    (((((((((((((( Mel )))))))))))) and thank you. I feel much more confident about the sunshine already 🙂
    However, I reserve judgment on the leaning over the edge thing. Leaning over things is apt to bring forth comment of an unappreciative nature.

    Comment by Mel | November 26, 2008 | Reply

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