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Eclipse rocks (.co.uk)

They’re one of our Internet providers.

I got a sudden panic yesterday that I might not have paid them.  So I rang them up (www’internet is all very well but it has many wwways to get me lost and confused.  I like voices!)

Oh no problem, they said, you’re all up to date.  And by the way, I notice you’ve got a very, very old, slow and expensive package.  Would you be interested in changing to something cheaper and faster.

? I said dubiously.  (haven’t wwwe all heard that before!) But the nice young man spoke English, clearly, not too fast and sounded quite as though he was actually there in spirit as well as in money grabbing intent.  Possibly as though he was also in England*)

He described the package, assured me that I wouldn’t have to change anything at all at my end (no new passwwwords or settings, no screaming with frustration at wwweird instructions, no interruption to the service – Wwwow!)

Just, he’d send me an email when it was done and I’d reply and confirm and then my internet would get faster, our bill would get smaller and everything in the garden would be lovely.

Could you resist that?

I couldn’t.

Should get the email some time tomorrow.  I’m quite excited.  Oddly enough I’m inclined to trust Eclipse.  Eldest set us up with them quite a long time ago and they’ve always been very helpful and easy to understand and available on the phone.  I don’t think they’re the cheapest but the new package is fairly competitive.

Funny that when the vodafone person rang back the other day, I just couldn’t be bothered to pick up!

Home with hips (rosehips)

Home with hips (rosehips)

Sunrises on the oak tree

Sun rises on the oak tree

purple sky at night - photographer's delight

purple sky at night - photographer's delight

Enough!  On with the rest of the day.  The sun just came out and I’ve got things to be, places to do and I’m going to be late (as always 🙂 And I’ve got a perfectly boiled egg waiting – may all your eggs (and popcorn) be perfectly boiled and may the sun shine on you too.

*I really have a problem with overseas call centres.  I don’t mind us using them in principle (though I do wonder if I should worry about a) exploitation and b) depriving our own economy of the income and c) depending on cheapskate organisations for essential services)

It’s just that they all speak so fast and have such impenetrable accents.  It’s also possible that they don’t fully understand what they’re telling me but since I can’t understand the half of what they’re saying I wouldn’t know.  Calls may be monitored for training purposes but if they are I don’t imagine much training results from it.  Surely I can’t be the only person in the world who’s calls are peppered with, “What??” “Can you repeat that?” “sorry, I didn’t quite catch…?” “how many did you say?” “who did you say you were?” “what did you say you were selling me?” “WHAT ARE YOU SAYING??????” “Sorry – I CAN’T UNDERSTAND YOU!!!!! ” “GO AWAY!!!!”

Further, if there was any training, shouldn’t it include a lesson on how not to sound bored, impatient and offhand and how not to give the impression that you are only talking to this idiot because you might get  paid if you can successfully con them into buying something – anything, regardless of whether it’s what they want or need?

It’s all about money and change, incomprehensible, meaningless changes for the sake of nothing but some poor sod’s extra few pennies/rupees/yen/er…other foreign currencies? rubles? sol? Oh and, of course, some multi-national’s huge and horribly growing tentacular influence and profit.

Is it obvious that I’m getting old and crusty?  That I listen to music with an ear trumpet pointed back to front and say things like “I can’t understand the words!  It’s too loud!  turn up the volume, I can’t hear!”  I think it’s obvious to the kids in those call centres.


By the way, did any of you ask to be my friend on facebook last night?  I’m not sure if I recognise the name or not!

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  1. boiled popcorn?

    Even perfectly boiled popcorn??

    Oh isn’t that right?
    Maybe that would account for…..um….well let’s just say we never really took to popcorn in the home 😦
    But I could get the kids to come back for a visit and we could do it properly with a movie 🙂 (and of course, now I’m, I mean they’re, grown-up I’d probably be allowed to watch with them 🙂

    Comment by ziggi | November 21, 2008 | Reply

  2. Good morning Miss Mig,

    I asked to be your friend on facebook last night. I’m the guy with the green electric bass guitar and the red bandana on his head with the VERY German name.

    I had a somewhat similar experience with my internet service provider (ISP). I’d originally been set up for just the internet connection when one day a gentleman rang me to inform that if I added cable television to my package, the entire thing would actually cost less!

    Needless to say, I’ve had the idiot box on ever since. (perhaps, in retrospect, it wasn’t such a good deal after all). ;-D

    Ahaha! 🙂 I thought it was you dear ‘shot and I didn’t like to say right out, are you him, cos, well it might not have been. I love the green electric bass. You play folk rock at all? If so, any time you’re over here, come and join us 🙂
    I’m now looking forward eagerly to fast cheap internet. (except that I’m not sure BT do it fast out here at the end of the line. ^~^ (that’s my new shrug icon)

    And I’ve just remembered, you signed your name once on Flickr, so I ought to have known 🙂

    Comment by Rimshot | November 21, 2008 | Reply

  3. Oh.. I have fits with those “ahem” helpful people.
    it’s not so bad when they speak a language that I know, so we can get out of there horrid english and into MY horrid version of THEIR language!LOL
    you are so not alone on that one!
    the world is flat and it seems to be getting flatter by the days…
    Love the rosehips photo, reminds me of autumn with my grandfather, picking them to make wine?

    Oh I wish I could speak enough languages to do that Sorrow! So clever 🙂

    Comment by Sorrow | November 22, 2008 | Reply

  4. argh – overseas call centres. . . I can’t stand them. . . one of the reasons that whenever I phone the bank (first direct) I end up having lovely chats with the call centre people. . .

    think I said how much I loved these photos on my previous comment!


    Well at least you know who you are I 🙂 I keep being anonymous. I can’t get used to having to identify myself because blogger doesn’t recognise wordpress 🙂 (I suspect a certain amount of non-cooperation between B & W)
    I had quite a nice chat with the eclipse chap. He seemed to understand the dificulties of people unnaccustomed to seting up their own settings. Er, elderlyish people that is 🙂

    Comment by I, Like The View | November 22, 2008 | Reply

  5. Do you ever find yourself wagging your head and talking funny afterthefact?

    Just askin’…….

    I wanna borrow your window for sunrise this morning, please.

    And I doooooooooo so hope the new deal is a good one for you.
    I know the pain of slowwwww connections.

    Oh yes Mel 🙂 After all sorts of the facts 🙂
    You’d have been very welcome at my window this morning but it wasn’t very nice at all. Sleet and rain and no sign of the sun. And the last of the leaves blew off in the night.
    Officially winter at my window now 🙂 (I’m afraid after one look I went back to bed and was tempted to stay there till Spring)

    Waiting to see if the new wwwpackage is as speedy as advertised! Only he did say your something or other speed will be as fast as your phone connection allows. I think that means only as fast as BT lets our phone connection work? Which is maybe not very.
    (One day I really must get eldest to write this stuff down for me so I can understand what all these people actually do!)

    Comment by Mel | November 22, 2008 | Reply

  6. Is it there yet? Is it there yet?

    <– not the most patient person on the planet….

    LOL! I got the email Mel. It doesn’t seem to have made an enormous difference though I did get to watch a whole video on utube this morning with only two infuriating pauses? Will report as things become apparent – if they do.
    Me not either patient. I suppose the next thing to get excited about will be the new, small bill! But I don’t know when that comes 🙂

    Comment by Mel | November 23, 2008 | Reply

  7. Ohhhhhhhh……only TWO pauses? That’s good!

    I can get two any day of the week–and that’s not about my ISP provider, that’s about users on their server.

    (sounds good, huh? LOL)

    Oops! I’m blinded by science Mel 🙂 (easily) I’ve just put in a request to Eldest to come and get all our internet and everything onto the one, um…well, eclipse thingie. Then everything will be all fast and it’ll all have the same name when I have to try and find out why any of it isn’t working! Even, maybe, it all work all the time!! (but I’m not going to think about that possibility – tempting fate 🙂

    Comment by Mel | November 25, 2008 | Reply

  8. […] still adrift without a computer and the netbook screen doesn’t do photos very well.  Here’s a link to a long ago photo of the oak […]

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