Life, photos but not the universe


I’ve been one as long as I can remember.  Socially that is, not physically.

Something to do with having parents from two wildly different backgrounds (Victorian v Elizabethan, 1st world war v 2nd, Leisured and landed v working class and ladder climbing, atheist v religious, judgmental and authoritarian v sensitive and artistic – blimey, whose idea was it to get them together????*)

Hmm well.

I’ve moved through protected middle class Surrey, via freedom of the Wilderness Devon and Street wise dirty North Country city to middle-artisan-class, tame but beautiful Berkshire.

And all the way I’ve had to learn to fit in with whoever I fell in with.  I’m awfully good at it and though it means I’ve had to learn to mimic different accents and views of the world it’s pretty much a part of me now.  Only as I get older I find it more and more tiring – not so flexible in the head any more.  There are times when I listen to a conversation and all the places I’ve been and all the people I’ve fitted in with are busily arguing away inside my head and putting points of view to each other which in no way fit whatever is being said right now.  One reason why I find it much nicer being with one person at a time.

And the computer age is no easier!  Blog people use one language, all warm and cosy* and careful (with excursions into some pretty sharp and colourful humour and language).  Flickr people use another, all superlatives and excessively complimentary and photographers use yet another, thoughtful, cool and measuring.  And that’s only in the generalised broad spectrum of virtual places! And indeed , only from a limited selection of the places I visit.

It would be so much easier to just be myself – if only I could work out whoever that is! Then I could work from a single viewpoint instead of hundreds!

My dearly beloved step father once told me a story of a friend of his who when asked for advice on an important decision, said, ask five people who know you quite well (so not family or close friends)  what you are going to do – not what they think you should do, what you will do.  They will probably give you a more or less accurate assessment and then you can just go and do it!   I strongly suspect that if I did that I’d get five completely conflicting answers 🙂

And now I see that the sky is going an interesting colour and also the dog would like to come back in the warm! Further, I need to go shopping (again!!! really I do far too much shopping)

where I went yesterday

where I went yesterday

riot and rampage

riot and rampage

nice place to park while shopping

nice place to park while shopping

I should say however, that all the viewpoints in my head completely agree that you are all completely lovely.  I just checked and there was a positive chorus of warm and fuzzy stuff 🙂

*The gaps in spellcheck’s knowledge never fail to amaze me.  Cosy?  No, never heard of it.


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  1. laughing…
    because I once had a friend tell me she wasn’t sure if she would want to be at my funeral.
    my friends are the strangest conflagration of folks..
    I didn’t take offense..
    she’s right.
    We are the bits and pieces of all the people we love.
    All there voices singing,whining,running on, in our heads, seemingly all at once.
    And all my voices agree you are lovely TOO!
    ( and I knew you had been shaken up with those fliker folks, since we ain’t been seeing you much round these here parts..)

    Too many folks altogether Sorrow. I find it so hard to turn down a new contact in the www because in spite of all its trials and irritations, I’m still a bit in love with the whole world wide web thing and all the people in it! And the flickr folks – the photography ones – are a pretty mixed bunch of types. Naturally, now I’ve got connected to them I can’t bear the thought of leaving them even though I don’t understand half of what they’re saying 🙂 Reminds me, it’s ages since I’ve been over to yours!
    Will be around soon

    Comment by Sorrow | November 20, 2008 | Reply

  2. I understand

    for me it was something to do with being brought up to please everyone else around me and be able to listen and make polite conversation about their chosen topics

    I didn’t even realise that there was a “me” who might want to be pleased, and that “me” might have her own chosen topic. . .

    (one of the reasons I love blogging!)

    am so glad we met – virtually and really


    (love the photo thru the window, and the rose-hip ones)


    Yes, one of the reasons I love it too. And the miracle is, other people pay attention!
    And another reason I love blogging is having discovered – all of you – but most especially you, dear
    I. Hugs. Lots

    Comment by I, Like The View | November 22, 2008 | Reply

  3. My sister got the ‘people pleasing/lemme fit in’ gene.
    I got the ‘like I give a flying ****?!’ one. LOL

    Though I do know a whole lot about being a chameleon….more for manipulative purposes–self serving and somewhat survival methodology. There was a method to the madness.
    You keep those skills forever, methinks. For me, it’s a matter of motives. And I’m forever checking mine.

    I rather enjoy the differences in communities out there in the wwworld. I’d suppose one could look pretty schizophrenic…..LOL….but don’t we all tend to wear ‘different hats’ for the people and circumstances in our lives.

    Ya know–I’m accutely aware of how small this world is today…….and how huge it is…. Oh…..and what a gift it was when my sister TOLD me I was getting a computer and I was gonna LIKE it.

    (every once in a while she DOES get sassy!) 😉

    Different hats is essential really I think Mel. If only for communication purposes! Unless you happen to be a genius or a an emperor and don’t need clothes 🙂
    So glad your (clever) sister got sassy 🙂

    Comment by Mel | November 22, 2008 | Reply

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