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First rule of thatchers (and other site workers)

Never turn down a cup of tea.  You might never be offered one again.  It’s the first thing they teach a new apprentice.

I’ll add to that, never tell nice Paul from the garage not to bring the car back for half an hour.  He might never appear.  It failed its MOT and has had loads of work done to it.  Amazingly it was finished today and Paul rang to say he’d bring it up in  a few minutes.  Unfortunately, I was on the mobile when he phoned, to someone else, so I said can you give me half an hour?  Oh yes he said.  See you in half an hour.

That was an hour ago.  I could have had my shower, walked the dog and enveloped a dozen addresses by now!

Still it was funny to find myself waving a mobile (with a vodafone person on its other end) in one hand and the landline phone (with Paulfromthegarage) in the other and switching from suspicious, cautious and concentrating to cheerful, jolly and casual and then back again.  Just like a highpowered busy person!* (I don’t think I told Paul to ring me back on Monday or the vodafone person to bring me the new phone in half an hour????)

My offer from vodafone, should I choose to accept it, is £5 a month cheaper, gives me less free calls and texts and a new phone.  But the nice man assures me I use the mobile a lot less than that.

However, it’s an 18 month contract instead of 30 days, my current phone is neither old nor battered and works fine and I ought to be using it instead of the landline – it’s got lots of free minutes on it!  And I’ve only just worked out how to get it to talk loudly to me!  It’s possible, if I used it more I would save the £5 a month on landline calls?  Mind I’d only be saving the business the money, so maybe that’s not economic either.

I felt sure if I rolled a cig and sat down to write, Paul would immediately appear, such being the way of things.  But no.  Of course, if I started my shower or walked the dog he most certainly would appear!

*No?  Not enough phones?  Oh well.

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  1. I find mobiles and their packages incredibly complicated. . .

    and I’m constantly telling Mini-Teen to “phone me on the landline!!” as I assume it must be cheaper (but have no idea, actually)

    the only reassurance I have about them is the fact that David Attenborough, when asked by a sceptical interviewer what his thoughts on mobiles were, replied it was marvellous to see people walking along the street talking to someone on their phone

    “communication, the ability and desire to communicate, is what makes us human”, he said

    (I think the interviewer was slightly shocked! he’d obviously been expecting a fuddy-duddy kind of reply from an OAP about the youth of today!!)

    David Attenborough seems such an nice man. And he didn’t get where he is today by being fuddy or duddy I guess 🙂
    I like them in principle – I agree with DA. But the providers (or whatever they call themselves) are seriously out to get our money and befuddle us with quick talking and hard selling and ending every sentence with phrases like “does that sound alright to you?”
    Well I made today’s mob-man agree to phone me back – no, not this afternoon, on Monday.

    Comment by I, Like The View | November 15, 2008 | Reply

  2. I got rid of my land line because I couldn’t wrap my brain around having TWO phones (and two numbers) for one person.

    Of course, I held out until just this year before getting a mobile phone (fill in the fuddy-duddy kind of reply (but I don’t know what an OAP is)). I can’t stand how rude people are when it comes to mobile/public etiquette.

    Old Age Pensioner ‘shot 🙂
    What I want to know is, why do we all know our own landline number but not our mobile numbers? Everyone I know has their own mob number in their mob so they can look it up when they’re asked 🙂
    And come to think of it, why is it that if the landline rings it’s quite possible to ignore it fairly calmly, or at least say something polite to anyone else who’s with me before answering but if the mob rings it’s all panic-got to answer quick-can’t pause to say anything—-?
    And why can’t I drive and talk on the mob at the same time? (I don’t mean why aren’t I allowed to, I definitely shouldn’t be allowed to. I mean what is it about mob conversation that shuts down most of the rest of my brain?)
    Not fuddy but defjtely a bit duddy, me 🙂

    Comment by 'Shot | November 15, 2008 | Reply

  3. I remember Paul telling me “in a few minutes”. He cheerfully turned up over half an hour later.

    I feel he has a very flexible mind Thursday 🙂

    Comment by Thursday | November 16, 2008 | Reply

  4. Oy.


    <– has two of them she carries at all times.

    I’m seriously considering having the landline removed.
    The only calls I get on the darn thing are telemarketers and polling folks.
    Oh….and political folks–which have suddenly disappeared now (for another four years……)

    Ummmmm……if it’s any consolation–heck if I know our landline number!!!!!

    We get all those on the landline Mel but also elderly relatives and friends who don’t like mobiles. For some reason I feel that the landline, though elderly itself, is somehow more reliable or permanent than mobiles. Although since we got a portable one, it doesn’t work in a power cut so I have a really old fashioned one with an infuriating curly wire to plug in whenever we lose power!
    One of the things that drives me mad with mobiles is that people switch them off!!!! When I want to call them!!!!
    D’you think it’s something I said?

    Comment by Mel | November 17, 2008 | Reply

  5. I was completely lost when my mobile phone was stolen – I didn’t realise that I was so dependent on it! However having lost all the numbers and only replaced them as I’ve been contacted has caused the best laugh I have had this side of the new millennium (see post) – it’s because I’m a bad person I know but I’m still smiling!

    Have you been watching ‘Outnumbered’ ziggi? I think you might enjoy it 🙂
    It was a very funny post 🙂

    Comment by ziggi | November 18, 2008 | Reply

  6. Speaking of tea…

    I’ve always been partial to Earl Grey, but recently heard of a type whose name I can’t recall, but on a tv show it was described as the posh version of a cup of joe.

    Ruibush? (Or something like that).
    I like my tea strong, well coloured and with lots of milk. Earl Grey is more of a flavour than a tea 🙂

    Comment by Rimshot | November 19, 2008 | Reply

  7. That is so funny! Hopefully by now, he’s brought the car to you!

    Oh yes Betty! eventually he did. Late but legal 🙂

    Comment by Betty Flocken | November 19, 2008 | Reply

  8. Is there such a thing as a “sam black” tea?

    Dunno ‘shot – I’ll try it though if I see some. I’ll try anything once. Well, quite a lot of things.

    Comment by 'Shot | November 20, 2008 | Reply

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