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I need to cut down or speed up

on my Internet time, right.  I spend too much time clicking here, reading there, viewing that, commenting on this.

See, there’s this and all your lovely blogs, there’s Flickr and several million lovely pictures to view and now, just to add to my ways to waste (?) time, I’ve been invited to join a small and very intense Flickr group.  So I did and immediately cocked up on the posting rules and had to remove my pic in a hurry – hoping no one noticed.  Already I’ve had three welcomes and two visits to my Flickr site.  All needing replies. And a tutorial thread which has about fifteen really useful tutorials and is about 300 comments long. And a chit chat thread which obviously, everyone visits regularly.

And it’s been three or four days (or five or six?) since I visited around here and 3 weeks since I posted on Flickr. And months since I did a proper round of visiting my Flickr contacts.

And I really need to reread my camera manual.

And Barney says let’s go on holiday next week!

And I haven’t even had my shower yet today!!!!

OMG and I’m supposed to be putting a wedding album on face book!

It’s because I’m slow.  See.

Anyone got any suggestions about how to become faster?

Oh and as if enough wasn’t enough, we’ve just heard that a very old friend has died.  In Holland.  I’ve spent about 5 hours on the phone and the internet working out how we could get to the funeral as he was the sort of friend you don’t see very often but is, nonetheless, very important.

For Jaques

For Jacques

And while I was looking up routes from Dunkerque to S’Hertogenbosch I had a quick peek at Google earth to see if I could see the place where my Grandmother used to live and found a picture of the place where our friends lived until a few years ago and where we stayed with them. (But the link didn’t work so I cut it out – if thy link offend thee….)

I’m having a slight issue with wordpress. The photos seem to be uploaded at quite a low resolution.  When you click on the larger image you get jpeg artefacts.  I don’t like it. And I don’t know what I can do about it. I tried uploading the full size image – this may make everything very slow.  Let me know?

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